Thursday, Dec. 16 Ape Machine opens for Killing Joke at The Wonder Ballroom

Normally we’d talk up the alluring details of our show, or the beer available, but this time we’d like to talk a bit about Killing Joke. This is the band who comes out of the late-seventies, English post-punk scene and has influenced practically a whole generation of rock music. For those of you who remember Metallica in the early days, the album Garage Days (not the 90s remake), had a cover of Killing Joke’s “the Wait”. Helmet and Foo Fighters, among others have recorded covers of Killing Joke songs. Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” practically borrows verbatim the main riff from Killing Joke’s song “eighties”. They’ve influenced bands we love such as Godflesh, Napalm Death, the Melvins, Ministry, Big Black, Mr Bungle… The list goes on. We’re excited to see this band, let alone share a stage with them.

For Ape Machine’s part, the band will be performing new songs from the upcoming record. The band goes back into the studio in January, with Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta and Free Moral Agents producing. This will be the last local show of the year before hunkering down in the studio to paint a new picture of heavy-riffing head-bobbing rock, connecting the pain in your Root Chakra to your balls and your broken heart.